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Alexander Curlin, Associate, Energy Supply

Alexander Curlin

Alex has been a member of Altenex since 2013 and plays a dual role between the Supply team and Capital Markets team. On the Supply-side of the house, he helps manage an extensive network of renewable energy suppliers and coordinates competitive solicitations on behalf of Altenex's corporate clients. He also provides guidance on project recommendations by synthesizing Altenex's internal analytics and his knowledge of project development and market structure. On the Capital Markets team, Alex performs due diligence and contract negotiations in support of a diverse array of initiatives.

Prior to joining Altenex, Alex lived in Beijing, China for 3 years, where he gained fluency in Mandarin. He is a Boston-area native and graduated from the George Washington University with a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies.

Altenex is not the same company as Southern California Edison, the utility, and Altenex is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.