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Connie Sasala, Senior VP of Sustainability | Director of Strategic Energy Solutions

As Altenex's SVP of Sustainability and Director of Strategic Energy Solutions, Connie helps to identify and address sustainability needs for clients at all points along the maturity curve. Leading-edge assistance includes global energy/carbon profile analysis, science-based goal setting, strategic roadmap development to meet renewable energy procurement commitments, and reducing carbon in the supply chain. She is also responsible for business development, new client origination, business line creation and Edison Energy’s internal sustainability program.

Previously, Connie worked on the forefront of defining and implementing best practice for sustainability, energy and carbon management in the U.S. and abroad. As Chief Sustainability Officer of a consulting firm to Fortune 500 clients in every sector of the economy, she successfully created hundreds of strategic frameworks that aligned business objectives with sustainability goals, implementing impact reduction projects and reporting results on major platforms and programs for clients. She has also served as a Senior Scientist in several large hazardous waste management firms, and as the Director of the Policy and Technology Innovations Division at U.S. EPA.

Connie is the author of numerous publications, and has been accredited for carbon-related services by leading organizations such as TCR, CARB, MassDEP and British Columbia’s MoE.

Altenex is not the same company as Southern California Edison, the utility, and Altenex is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission.